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DiConnect Enterprise is an upgrade of DiConnect Lite  which includes both data communication and process communication. Process communication calls DiTranslator or the in-house translator software to convert data to the desired format before transferring it to trading partners.  In addition to direct communication with trading partners and DiCentral’s TMP VAN, DiConnect Enterprise can communicate with the VAN of your choice including GXS, Sterling, Loren Data, etc.

DiConnect Enterprise supports evolving EDI requirements with:

-  Secure file transfer of business data and documents internally and with your trading partners

-  Several secure managed file transfer options and secure transport, including AS1 (SMTP), AS2 (HTTP), AS3 (FTP), ebXML, FTPS, SFTP, etc.

-  Non-repudiation with proof of transmission and receipt

-  Integrity of business data with signed and encrypted documents and encrypted HTTP/s and FTP/s connections

-  Complete audit trail of all business data/documents exchanged

For your ease of use, DiConnect Enterprise provides a web form to edit and review the summary of all process communication activities including data converting, data tracking, and delivery status. This web form is organized similar to a corporation structure in which the administrator can create multiple user levels and actively control their activities. Please click here to view the full Features list of DiConnect Enterprise.


DiConnect web form 

Web form track both data and process communication

DiConnect Enterprise is the most comprehensive B2B gateway solution available for messaging, mapping, transformation, trading partner community management, tracking and auditing. It leverages the latest industry standards, provides direct and secure data exchange, and reduces the time, cost, and effort of fulfilling electronic communication requirements.

DiConnect Enterprise proudly attained Drummond certification for all testing profiles in the first round of certification testing. With Drummond CertifiedTM, software buyers can: (quote from Drummond Group website)

-  Save money: 
   Implementation costs are reduced significantly, as you can implement software that has already been tested and certified for interoperability.

-  Shop smart. 
   Drummond CertifiedTM helps users simplify the procurement process, which directly translates into greater savings and higher productivity. All certified options have all been tested for compliance to industry standards and interoperability for specific technical standards.

-  Play nice. 
   Drummond CertifiedTM products are compliant and interoperable, which means that they truly interface with the systems of your customers and partners, and bring efficiency to your supply chain.


DiConnect Enterprise