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DiConnect Enterprise provides one fully integrated solution to fulfill the communication and security requirements of your trading partners:

- Any-to-any connectivity - any supported data format, any supported transport protocol. DiConnect Enterprise enables simple point-and-click configuration of each partner's communication preferences, and its open connectivity ease back-office system integration.

- Map your way to success - utilize wizards and drag-and-drop functionalities for quick and easy mapping or use JavaScript for more complex translations. The solution also facilitates flexible data conversion, including flat file, ANSI X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS and GENCOD.

Data transformation services - DiConnect Enterprise meets today's data translation needs with compliant data transformation for EDI, XML, and text files, as well as:

+ Transformation control numbers at interchange and group levels within a party

+ Processing rules and document parsing/splitting that can occur prior to transformation rule actions

+ A new transformation party at no additional cost

+ Scalability to over ten million transformations per day

+ Transaction management, archiving, and reporting

DiConnect Enterprise offers:

- Activity Management - users can create rules for document integration and meta data-driven routing (e.g., identify POs with certain value ranges, route certain documents to other applications, or notify the warehouse manager when DiConnect Enterprise consolidates transformation and connectivity needs in one place, etc.)

- Exception Management - proactively locates and lists all errors relevant to individual user responsibilities, and alerts the right people when potential business issues arise

DiConnect Enterprise supports evolving EDI requirements with:

- Secure file transfer of business data and documents internally and with your trading partners - Several secure managed file transfer options and secure transports, including AS1 (SMTP), AS2 (HTTP), AS3 (FTP), ebXML and other network-based protocols and web services

- Non-repudiation with proof of transmission and receipt

- Complete audit trail of all business data/documents exchanged via DiConnect Enterprise

DiConnect Enterprise is Microsoft technology-based, bringing high scalability and fault tolerance to B2B communications that enables you to easily:

- Support increased transaction volumes as more partners participate or M&A activities increase the scope of business

- Support the cloud architecture by utilizing clustering and load-balancing technologies

- Include multi-level access for large-scale organizations

DiConnect Enterprise is designed to meet the strictest requirements of financial, healthcare, and government institutions. Security features that DiConnect utilizes include:

- Full X509 certificate issuance and revocation

- Complete security services including S/MIME, CMS and PGP/OpenPGP for flexible secure message enveloping

- SSL/TLS and SSH for secure messaging sessions

- Strong encryption with DES, 3DES, RC4, RC5, AES, PGP or BLOWFISH

- Interoperate with trusted Certificate Authority including certificate to import/export and real-time CRL checking

- Authentication via digital signatures using MD5, SHA1, SHA2 or RIPEMD160

- Secure, sophisticated key storage using a wide range of key database types ranging from PKCS #11 devices, PKCS #15 key files, and PGP/OpenPGP key rings through to commercial-grade RDBMS' and LDAP directories with optional SSL protection

- Compatible with a variety of external crypto devices such as hardware crypto accelerators, Fortezza cards, PKCS #11 devices, hardware security modules (HSMs), and crypto smart cards